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If you are concerned about a potential mold issue in your home or business, it is imperative to have it taken care of quickly. If untreated, mold can spread fast and can cause structural damages as well as various health complications. Mold is most easily developed by the introduction of water by way of a plumbing problem or even a new water line that isn't sealed properly. It thrives in dark, damp spaces where it can often go unnoticed. In order to survive and grow, mold needs the right temperature of over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, moisture, and organic materials to feed on. Moisture can be controlled, but it is important to determine its source and make sure the area is dried properly. If you walk into a room, open a closet, or move an appliance and smell "must," it could be an underlying symptom that you have mold somewhere. 

Prompt remediation of mold in your home or office can prevent future health problems and expensive restoration projects. Please contact us today for a free inspection of your property. 

Mold remediation